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Dogefaucet List

Where to go to get a few free doge.

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New to doge--or cryptocurrency in general--and want to try it out? Once you've gotten yourself a Dogecoin address, here's a list of sites that will give you a few coins for nothing more than the solve of a CAPTCHA (and maybe the viewing of an ad and the setting of a cookie or two):

Please Note

With the recent jump in value of dogecoin, many faucets are having trouble staying open. Please donate, and please don't drain them dry if you're already more than a couple hundred doge in the bank. Thanks!

Working When Not Dry


Missing, Redirecting, or Otherwise Hinky

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Why Make This List?

Donations Will Be Paid Forward

Happy you found this? Here's how you can help:

Any doge received will be paid to future contributors, and yes, I've started the ball rolling with 1000 of my own. Also holding a few doge in my Reddit wallet from generous tippers; wil move that over here if the balance grows too much higher.

Contributions Will Be Rewarded

Found something new? Found something wrong? Found something awesome? Speak and be rewarded from the donation pool!

Comment on Reddit

Let me know on /r/dogecoin/.

GitHub Issue

Issues are super-easy: sign in to GitHub and fire one off. Since I'll have to fix it up myself, your reward may be smaller.

GitHub Pull Request

Pull requests are fine ways to try out GitHub, if you've never done it before. Don't be scared: you can do everything you need to do online right here, without install anything on your system.

There are four easy steps, once you join GitHub:

  1. Fork this repository and get your own copy.
  2. From your own copy, edit, right here on GitHub.
  3. Again from your own copy, submit a pull request.
  4. Profit!